Hello there!

I have no idea how well known the Conquest of Mythodea is beyond Germany. Basically, it is a huge fantasy roleplaying event settled on a mysterious continent that has yet to be… well, conquered. Aaand it’s called Mythodea. Yeah. You witness the moment of me realizing that some things are so easy you never realize how easy they actually are. Let me defend myself, the event has an English name, and maybe it’s like listening to English songs if you’re not a native speaker: You could understand if you tried. But… life is hard enough as it is sometimes *g*


So! The continent of Mythodea is inhabited by lots of so-called settlers, most of them organized in larger groups. The name of my group is Greifenhag. While ‘Greifen’ is the German word for griffin, I do not have the slightest idea what the hell a ‘hag’ is. Those were the guys I started to larp with. For those of you who don’t know the term: LARP is a short form of LiveActionRolePlaying, which means you’re wearing the clothes, you’re actually acting your charakter instead of just sitting in a living room and telling what he’s up to. This is a great thing to do. The men of Greifenhag are said to be quite simple in their priorities. For example, they like mead. Really, really like mead.

The event portayed in the comic took place a few years ago on a night’s watch. A stranger passed by and the good people of Greifenhag offered him some of their precious alcohol towarm up a little. See for yourselves…