Ah, that was a fun one!

We’re back at the dark eye again. With different characters. The world of the dark eye has twelve gods and goddesses. The last of them, Rahja, is responsible for… basically everything fun, like wine. ecstasy (the feeling, not the drugs…), drugs (for real this time :D), the pleasures of love and… for some weird reason… horses. Yeah, well. Let’s just forget the horses.

The lady in the middle of that cuddling bunch of people is Penelope, a priestess of said goddess. This LARP was fun! Really, really fun. We stayed at a beautiful castle for four days, dancing, flirting, drinking red wine and… not sleeping very much, really. And there was this rooster. Every day, we woke up to his ungodly noise or were interrupted in our parties, realizing that it was morning now and no way of getting some sleep. This realization has a noise. And this noise is Hrks.