Good thing I have amazing friends and family. I wouldn’t believe what they did if I hadn’t seen it for myself!


You might wonder what GEZ is. Basically, it’s pay TV Germany forces you to purchase. There is no way out unless you are somehow limited in your senses or live on some kind of welfare. And it’s a bitch, really. A week after you moved somewhere, there is mail from GEZ friendly asking to enable them to take 50 fucking euros every third month. If you don’t pay, there show up at your house, threatening you by saying they heard a TV working in there and you’re in serious financial trouble if you don’t pay up.

I’m paying for this since I moved out. And here’s the joke: I DON’T OWN A TV. But of course, I have a PC and I would be able to watch TV with it theoretically. Which I don’t, because there’s only crap in every program around. And those stately supported television broadcasters do not become any better because they don’t have to make any effort to earn their money.

There is a postcard in my university’s bookstore, saying: “I am not getting child support even though I would be able to make some kids with the hardware I own… theoretically.”