If you ever were at a LARP you know that it is entirely not possible to eat a full, warm meal. I guess this curse comes as punishment for scaring mundane people with our strange hobby. But everytime you put a kettle over your fire or are just about to bite in your precious grilled sausage, someone is screaming “Alarm! We’re under attack” and you have to run like hell. Towards the enemy or away from him, depends on your charakter’s profession and sometimes the player’s intelligence as well.

After a lot of frustration we decided to live off bread, cheese, sausage and fruits only, but that sucked. I guess the McDonalds staff of the restaurant we raided after those horrible four days are still traumatized. While looking for a solution for this drama, we found a mysterios thing called MRE. This is the short form of “Meal ready to eat” and is used by US soldiers. It’s basically a miracle: You put a little water in it, and after just a few seconds you have a raging hot meal with meat in it. I don’t want to know how that works. Not at all. Besides the main dish, there are other things in it like sweets, powders you can mix drinks or pudding with, and several snacks too.

You might wonder about the taste. It is… quite chemical, but still surprisingly acceptable. Not good, but you survive it. But! To your amusement, here are several other names the US soldiers gave those little brown surprise bags.


Meals rarely edible.

Meals refusing to exit.

Meals rejected by the enemy.


And one last: Three lies to the price of one! It’s not a meal, it’s not ready and you CAN’T eat it.