Meet Antimonie!

Another LARP character of mine. You know, I’m mostly inspired by the things that happen around me, to look for the funny party and exaggerate them, play with them in my mind. Sometimes I just try to treasure something really funny by making a comic about it. The persons displayed in the Chronicles of Kroppzeuch are either real people or roleplaying charakters. Maybe I’ll stop doing what I’m doing and invent people instead. But only if those around me stop being amazing and funny, which… to my delight… will never happen. Ever.


Antimonie and her associate Alenya come from a roleplaying system widely unknown to the rest of the world. It’s called DSA, dark eye for the attempt to make it international, which was not too succesful. Luckily, you don’t have to know much about it.

The home of those charming ladies is Al’Anfa, which is like a mixture of ancient Rome and Arabia. Al’Anfanians are decadent, “morally creative” and kinda mean, they poison everything that moves and dwell in their wealth if they have it, eager to despise those of lesser birth or status. Most surprisingly, they do not have too many friends in the rest of their world.

There was an expedition headed to a land that was home to a lot of orcs. Because, you know. Silken clothing, beautiful slaves, precious drugs and gold-coated food gets boring eventually.

Hah, good one. No, seriously. They were just looking for some precious metal to purchase more silken clothing, beautiful slaves, precious drugs and gold-coated food.